2022 Kia Carnival to replace Sedona, has more hot-stamped steel


2022 Kia Carnival to replace Sedona, has more hot-stamped steel

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Kia in February revealed Carnival 2022 and described the vehicle as stronger and stiffer than the outgoing Sedona it will replace.

The Carnival three-row “all-rounder” targets what Kia calls “the unoccupied space between the SUV and the family transporter.” It’s a unibody SUV that shares the new third-generation “N3” platform like the Sorento and the K5.

“Kia engineers ensured that it was lighter, stronger and quieter than the outgoing architecture,” Kia wrote in a press release on February 23.

The OEM said it incorporated more “hot-stamped parts and ultra-high-strength steel for medium tensile strength and increased torsional stiffness which results in better driving dynamics.”

Kia’s national product communications director James Hope said Friday the Carnival used hot-stamped steel in 14 locations, two more than the Sedona.

He said those hot stamped steel areas included:

• Around all the driver and passenger front doors

• Through the windshield header

• Crash channels in the lower part of the firewall

• Rear frame channels that run lengthwise from the rear opening of the car towards the 2sd row of seats. (Minor formatting changes.)

Hope said he had not received any information on the use of aluminum on the large vehicle.

In addition to all of the higher-strength steels, repairers will encounter more “sound deadening and insulating materials to minimize road, wind and engine noise” when the Carnival hits dealerships this quarter, according to Kia.

Other details about the body and possible technology of interest include:

  • Kia said it has adjusted the aerodynamics of the wheels, mirrors and front bumper for better gas mileage.
  • The OEM said the hood has “(d) ramatic” body lines, the headlights and taillights are connected with “(a) bold cutline” and the wheel arches are “(b) rawny”.
  • The mirrors feature a two-tone color scheme. Shiny black wheels are possible.
  • The trim includes a skid plate trim and “black / chrome rocker moldings”. The Carnival is also the first vehicle to feature the new Kia logo.
  • The headlights are LEDs; it is not known if the rear lights are.
  • A camera with a night vision function to see the backseat comes standard in almost all versions, as does an intercom to talk to the backseat.
  • UVO telematics is available, including the ability for the Carnival to call 911 if an airbag is triggered.
  • Kia boasted that the SUV included “12 standard features of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) – the most comprehensive standard ADAS suite in the segment – and an optional segment-exclusive blind spot monitor.” . Kia did not explain the 12, but the highlights mentioned include automatic braking, blind spot monitoring and automatic braking, automatic rear cross traffic braking, park distance alerts, lane centering, automatic high beams and alerts to drivers perceived as potentially inattentive due to movement.

Kia sold 13,190 Sedona in 2020.

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Featured Image: Kia Carnival 2022 is shown. (Supplied by Kia)

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