2022 Perodua Alza D27A rendered with the new Myvi facelift style


After grafting the Perodua Ativa’s face onto a Daihatsu Xenia last week, rendering wizard Theophilus Chin is back with another take on what a next-gen D27A Alza might look like. This time it takes the front of the new Myvi facelift that was launched yesterday and applies it again to the Xenia.

Visual changes on the latest Myvi include a wider and deeper grille, which sports a chrome slat briefly interrupted by the Perodua logo. This is accompanied by crisp contours around the folded-down lower intake for a strong X look, with vertical LED daytime running light strips (a first for the third-gen model) at the corners of the bumper.

On the premium H and AV variants, the black lip of the bumper has a silver painted center section, while other revisions are redesigned headlights as well as vertical vents on the rear bumper to mimic the look. at the other end.

In Theo’s rendering case, the Xenia only gets Myvi’s new grille and front bumper, which required quite a bit of Photoshop work to make sure they matched the larger face of the MPV. . The end result certainly seems to be more striking than his previous work on Ativa-Xenia, as the vertical DRLs give more ‘pop’ compared to the black and angular fog lights, while the silver ‘skid plate’ gives a similar appearance to that of an SUV. see.

Theo’s elder Ativa-Xenia to return

Of course, design is a highly subjective matter, so between the two Alza renderings that Theo created, which one do you find the most appealing? Or do you prefer the vanilla look of the Xenia, maybe even the Avanza / Veloz duo?

Production of the current Alza would end in January next year, with the model to be officially discontinued from February 2022. This means that we likely won’t see a replacement until then, despite what had been widely rumored. previously.

The next Alza is expected to be based on the latest Avanza / Veloz / Xenia, which are all built on top of Daihatsu’s New Global Architecture (DNGA). If this is true, Perodua’s future MPV will be the second model to be based on the platform after the Ativa, although we wouldn’t expect a turbo engine since the new MPV trio is only offered. with naturally aspirated NR engines in Indonesia.


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