Alpha Motor Corporation CAMP Concept


Founded in 2020, Alpha Motor Corporation is a California-based startup specializing in the production of retro-inspired lifestyle vehicles. And after the brand launched its Alpha REX model in May, Alpha has now unveiled a REX-based mobile basecamp concept that builds on the lifestyle of its electric vehicles.

Photo: Alpha Motor Corporation

Built around an Adventure Series REX, the project features an off-road trailer topped with a roof top tent, plus a huge amount of go-anywhere features such as a custom front bumper with plaque integrated protection, a winch and auxiliary lights, a roof rack and rock crawler half doors. Equipped with a range of up to 275 miles on a single charge, the concept also features a dual-motor AWD setup, 43.3 cubic feet of cargo space and seating for four.

Photo: Alpha Motor Corporation

To bring the Alpha REX CAMP concept to life, the electric vehicle startup has partnered with seven off-road and lifestyle brands, calling on each outfit to offer one or more of its products for CAMP. Short for “Collaborative Adventure Mobility Platform”, the CAMP includes an Alubox storage system from Equipt Expedition Outfitters, a set of Fuji off-road hard alloy wheels from Black Rhino, Gravity Pro6 courtesy of KC Lights and a Delta Pro shovel from DMOS Collective. The concept also has help from Rolling Stone Magazine Korea, as well as a Move mug from Onyx Coffee Lab and a myriad of clothing items from Los Angeles-based clothing brand Free & Easy.

Photo: Alpha Motor Corporation

While Alpha Motor Corporation’s CAMP so far only exists as a digital rendering, the concept nonetheless offers a glimpse into the company’s future, previewing several of the brand’s future partnerships – and the available accessories that these partnerships will produce.


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