Austrian company Vagabund unveils the Porsche 944 Safari


When it comes to classic Porsche, none capture the hearts of many quite like the Porsche 944 and 924. The pop-up headlight masterpieces are often regarded as some of the greatest cars made by the German company, but it’s hard to imagine how they could stand out. made to be even bigger, maybe . Well, Austrian company Vagabund has now unveiled its rather cool Safari version of the 944 and 924, taking inspiration from all the different Porsche 911 Safaris we’ve seen over the years. It is however on a whole other level.

A brand new ball game for the 944/924

Porsche is of course famous for these special Safari cars, as are outside companies, and this seems to be one of the best. The company pitches the 944 as the highlight, but the 924 is just as special, and it will be offered in model years 1975 through 1991 for the cars, and the upgrades will be priced around $10,800. The modification involves raising the car over 40mm off the ground, as well as adding a revised rear axle with new spring plates and a complete axle conversion with new custom parts.

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Porsche 944 Safari: a variety of custom parts

Vagabund 944 Safari Front View Snow
via Vagabond

These custom parts include specific and new shocks, as well as five off-road tires, which are either Maxxis Trepador or Bridgestone Dueler A/T tires of the 205/70/15 variety. The fifth spare tire is available with a phone or cookie cutter design, and the customer can have the rims in black or gold stripping and powder coating. This spare tire can also be mounted on the roof rack of the Porsche for that classic Safari appearance. At the front of the car there will be a host of HELLA Rallye 1000 or Comet 500 lights on a full light bank, again adding to the Safari feel.

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Porsche 944 Safari: a sensational and evocative conversion

Rear views of the Vagabund 944 Safari and 924 Safari range
via Vagabond

There are other options for the car that you can order. A Safari 944/924 option is an aluminum skid plate, hydraulic handbrake, studded tires as well as a limited slip differential. These are just some of the options you can get with your Porsche 944/924 Safari. Vagabund also offers a Safari livery design kit for the car with UV-resistant decals, and even a custom Vagabund horn button for the Porsche and a Momo steering wheel. It’s safe to say that there are plenty of options for this Porsche.

Source: Vagabond

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