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Quick List of Best Redragon Keyboard

This brand mainly specializes in the production of mechanical keyboards and various mice. The best Redragon keyboard would be hard to find as they manufacture many high quality devices. The range of models they offer is quite wide, however, the differences are very subtle. Eastern Times Technology Co. Ltd is the owner of Redragon, which is a high-value brand for gaming peripherals, dedicated to providing global customers with high-performance gaming products.

Redragon has pioneered world-class quality and industrial design, with a strong global sales and R&D team dedicated to its goal of providing the best service and quality products. All Redragon products feature excellent performance, perfect ergonomics, fantastic design and impeccable wearing comfort. Redragon products differ from their analogues with an affordable price for excellent capabilities. Redragon is a company known for its cheap mechanical keyboards.

Here is the list of the best Redragon keyboards

Redragon K580 VATA

The Redragon K580 Vata features an overall slim profile at just 1.5 inches thick. Although the case is made of ABS plastic, the top plate of the keyboard is made of aluminum, which maintains strength and limits flexibility. There are adjustable feet to change the height with rubber caps to prevent slipping no matter the feet are folded or unfolded.

The top of the keyboard, which houses the macro and media keys, is molded in a slightly different plastic than the base. These keys are rubber membrane keys, which makes this entire section cheaper than the rest of the keyboard. This section is completed by a metal scroll wheel with a shaded texture and a tactile scroll wheel.

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Redragon K588 RGB

The keyboard features 9 programmable MACRO keys and 12 dedicated multimedia keys and a volume control wheel that lets you adjust your audio without interrupting your game. 101-key mechanical gaming keyboard with custom mechanical switches (cherry blue equivalent) The keys on the mechanical keyboard have audible click sound, fast, clear and accurate tactile feedback.

Dynamic RGB backlighting for all keys and surround side edge lighting. Molded keys with crystal clear uniform backlighting and non-scratch lettering. 18 backlights plus 12 side edge backlight modes, 8 different colors, 5 levels of backlight brightness, breathing speed and custom backlight.

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Redragon K502 RGB

The Redragon K502 RGB weighs 1.3 pounds (about 600g) and is sized for convenient handling and use. When using the keyboard, you’ll notice something odd about the feel of the plastic material. It features soft plastic, unlike the plastic used in most keyboards. Gamers who have been using mechanical keyboards for a while will experience a muddy feel on the keys.

At first you won’t feel much click when pressing the keys, but after a while you will get used to it. It may affect your progress in the game, but then everything will calm down. There is no full RGB lighting effect under the keys. Instead, you get LED illumination with several different colors in the center of the keys. Like most keyboard options, it also doesn’t have a backlight setting.

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Redragon K512 Shiva

Fully dynamic RGB backlighting allows for countless lighting possibilities that are only subject to your imagination. The keyboard has 7 preset lighting modes and 6 additional slots for customizable modes. The board also provides brightness control, ranging from very bright to completely off when you don’t need the lights.

It features anti-ghosting keys that allow 26 keys to operate simultaneously for fast and precise gaming responses, just the way you want them. Dedicated media controls let you play, pause, and skip media right from the keyboard to keep your gameplay smooth and uninterrupted. Ergonomically designed with a removable palm rest that connects with magnets, allowing for easy setup. The wrist rest provides extra comfort for long-term use.

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Redragon K592-PRO

The Redragon K586 Brahma is an affordable mechanical keyboard that delivers high-level performance. It features ten G macro keys, fully customizable per-key backlighting, and hot-swappable switches. It also has full N-key rollover to ensure the keyboard doesn’t miss any of your keystrokes. It is well and solidly built and weighs 4.3 pounds. It offers little, almost negligible, flex and has a thick, durable USB cable.

Although the keyboard app can be tricky to navigate, it offers plenty of functionality once you get the hang of it. Plus, the utility software allows you to quickly and easily create custom lighting designs. If you’re new to mechanical keyboards and don’t want the investment costs of high-end brands, why not try the Redragon K586 Brahma? Its performance and features let you enjoy the feel of high-end devices without breaking the bank.

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Red Dragon K556-RK

This keyboard is made entirely of matte textured metal material, which is strong and durable enough to protect it from scratches. It allows multiple keys to operate simultaneously at high speed. Each key is controlled by an independent switch, providing gamers with reliable and accurate error-free performance. It offers a satisfying tactile typing experience and is also a bit quieter, suitable for office use or gaming.

Switches can be easily removed for dusting or cleaning, or replaced with 8 spare switches. Redragon features vintage-inspired round keys. With its concave surface and touch support, it is both ergonomic and beautiful. It took many iterations in the digital and physical realms to achieve this balance of style and function. The automotive grade chrome accent is extremely durable and maintains the highest shine.

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Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon K551 Rainbow Vara isn’t your average gaming keyboard. Not only is it redesigned and built to take a beating, it’s packed with features like durable aluminum and ABS construction, plate-mounted keycaps, dual-shot injection molded keycaps, ultra-smooth mechanical switches -premium resistant – feathery, crisp and bright. . adjustable red LED backlighting, a gold-plated USB connector and a splash-proof design.

A rugged mechanical gaming keyboard. Perfect for any fight you might face. 104 double-shot injection molded backlit keys for crisp illumination that won’t scratch. 100% anti-ghosting and conflict-free keys. Custom mechanical switches built to last with increased durability and responsiveness. This high quality construction technique incorporates a metal plate between the switches and the circuit board.

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Redragon K503 PC Gaming Keyboard

The Redragon K503 RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard is a full-size, 114-key keyboard with a separate numeric keypad and 5 dedicated programmable macro keys that offers fantastic value, functionality, and comfort for any serious gamer. The RGB backlit keyboard has 5 programmable macro keys, 6 different lighting modes and effects, 4 levels of backlight brightness, adjustable breathing speed, lighting can be turned off completely.

The keys provide clear and uniform backlighting. The PC gaming keyboard has been ergonomically designed to be a great typing tool for office work as well. You’ll love the feel and accuracy of your keystrokes, which reduces errors and typos. The gaming keyboard is designed to withstand medium liquid spillage. The built-in palm rest gives you the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions.

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