Blue Angels license plate joins Florida tag list



The license plates honoring the US Navy Blue Angels flight team are ready to hit the roads of Florida.

With 3,704 labels pre-sold, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles announced Monday that new Blue Angels plates, benefiting the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, have been delivered to license plate collectors and agencies in statewide.

The label was the second to be road-ready under a 2020 law that established new sales and design requirements for specialty plaques, joining the Coastal Conservation Association Florida’s “Conserve Florida’s Fisheries” plaque. , which cleared the obstacles in early June.

The 2020 law set a cap of 150 specialty plates, compared to 123 on the road at the time. But it also increased the number of plates that must be pre-sold from 1,000 to 3,000.

Plates, most of which carry a $ 25 user fee, will have to maintain the 3,000-plate sales threshold effective July 1, 2022, or face discontinuation if they fall below the new benchmark for 12 consecutive months.

As of August 1, Blue Angels pre-sales were 3,704, followed by 3,212 for the Coastal Conservation label. Topping the pre-sale list is Walt Disney at 10,117. The Walt Disney plaque – benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation – still has to go through production phases to begin distribution.

Department of Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety spokeswoman Jessica Kelleher said in an email that the Walt Disney label is scheduled for distribution from mid-September to the end of September.

The 3,000-plate presale benchmark close is a model of a “super tag” included in the 2020 law for nine black fraternities and sororities dubbed the “Divine 9” – Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Gamma Rho and Iota Phi Theta. The “Divine 9” label was 491 from the 3000 mark as of August 1.

The new law also opened up plaque design at three non-Floridian schools: the University of Alabama, the University of Georgia, and Auburn University. Each out-of-state school must achieve a presale mark of 4,000. Presale totals were 1,125 for the University of Alabama, 772 for Auburn and 359 for the University of Georgia.

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