Brixton Crossfire Storr 500 Adventure Bike Concept


Despite the company starting out selling rebadged versions of Chinese-made bikes, Brixton Motorcycles has since branched out into designing its own unique two-wheelers. And after delivering several different variations of its Crossfire model, Brixton has now treated the platform to its most comprehensive redesign yet, using the half-liter donor to create a futuristic one. adventure bike concept known as the Crossfire Storr 500.

Photo: Brixton

As well as being Brixton’s first-ever adventure bike, the concept also represents the first model that Brixton has designed by Austrian design firm RiDE GmbH. Taking its name from the rock formation on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, the Crossfire Storr 500 brings a sleek, modern twist to traditional adventure bike designs, with a tapered version of a front navigation tower that ends in handguards on either side and a set of projector-type auxiliary lights integrated into the front fascia. A first aid kit was also mounted in a recess in the front fascia.

Photo: Brixton

In addition to hand guards, the Storr has also been fitted with a crash protection suite including side crash bars, a full skid plate, radiator cover and matching fork brace cover. Additionally, the concept was also outfitted with a full suite of waterproof soft luggage, with side panniers and a wheeled rear bag attached to a custom backpack-style rear rack. The Crossfire Storr 500 is powered by the same engine used in the Crossfire 500 – a 486cc parallel twin producing around 50bhp.

Photo: Brixton

Making its official public debut this week at EICMA, the Brixton Crossfire Storr 500 Adventure Bike Concept only exists as a one-off creation so far, although if enough interest is shown there is a possibility very real that the Storr could eventually go into production.


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