Brough Superior turns the Lawrence into an off-road-ready Nefud Scrambler


If the old-fashioned British automobile is your thing, Brough Superior presents the jaw-dropping Nefud Scrambler, which is a great start to 2022. Construction begins with the company’s special Lawrence edition – a sleek roadster covered of carbon fiber. TE Lawrence remains the inspiration for this project, but its namesake is a tribute to an arid region of Saudi Arabia.

Much like the red sand that covers the desert, they go for what appears to be a gradient tone of copper (metallic chestnut). You can spot it on the fuel tank and the front wheel fender. This creates an elegant contrast to the titanium frame and touches of black on most of its parts.

Overall, this creates an elegant symphony of shades that looks classy. Brough Superior equips this bike with a liquid-cooled, 88-degree, 977cc, V-twin engine. There’s no performance tuning involved, so it retains the Lawrences’ 102 horsepower with a 64 lb-ft of output.

Since owners are likely to take it with them on off-road rides, the Nefud Scrambler is equipped for rougher terrain. The Nefud Scrambler now contains a skid plate, higher ride height and raised tailpipes. To give it the traction and grip it needs over rough terrain, Brough Superior uses Michelin Anakee Wild tires. In addition, it replaces the original pair of the Lawrence for a 19-inch, 17-inch spoke front wheelset.

There is a higher handlebar and lower footrests for a more ergonomic riding experience. In addition, we can see that the headlight is now hiding behind a custom grille as well as a new mosquito net. It still retains the Fior-style front forks and Berringer brakes from the Lawrence. Brough Superior did not disclose the price of the Nefud Scrambler.

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