Caterpillar Launches Nursery and Landscaping Accessories: CEG


The Cat 259D3 compact track loader with mulching bucket.

To improve machine efficiency in nursery and landscaping applications, caterpillar introduces new attachments for its line of Cat Skid Steer (SSL), Compact Track Loaders (CTL) and Cat Compact Wheel Loaders (CWL).

These specially designed attachments cover multiple tasks including handling and collecting trees, shrubs and bushes, removing and transporting stumps and loading mulch.

New Cat Nursery Fork, Tree Shovel Bucket and 1 cu. Mr. mulching bucket attachments enhance machine utilization for Cat SSL, CTL and CWL models. The new Cat Stump Buckets and Nursery Grapples are specifically designed to work efficiently with Cat SSL and CTL machines.

The full line of new attachments feature durable construction for reliability in the field, and deeply serrated steps integrated into the attachment design provide safe footing for operators when entering and exiting loaders.

Manual and hydraulic forks

Ideal for handling baled and hessian trees as well as large potted plants, Cat Nursery Forks are available in manual and hydraulic versions. Both offer a hydraulic pivoting fork that allows the left fork to swing open to fit around multiple root balls. The straight fork adjusts manually or hydraulically, depending on version, allowing contractors to pick up and place the desired trees and plants and load/unload them quickly and efficiently.

With their 70.4 inches. usable fork length, the new high capacity nursery forks can hold up to three 28 inch forks. root balls or a 54-in. root ball. The pivoting fork design provides maximum opening for grabbing large root balls, while the side-shift fork provides better control and proper adjustment when handling clods of varying sizes.

The 25 degree diamond tread plate fork provides a secure grip for maximum load retention, matching the cutting angle of more B&B plants. Its integrated grab handle provides a secure point of contact for entering/exiting the machine.

Nursery Swivel Grapple

Similar to nursery forks, the new Cat Nursery Grapple is well suited for handling baled trees and hessian and potted plants. Its paddle shape wraps around root balls ranging in size from 28″ to 54″ without damaging the root system or the tree.

Offering better control and placement, the grapple’s pivoting design allows the load to be manipulated in many positions to reduce the need to manually handle heavy plants while placing them at the nursery or loading them for transport. The tool is able to rotate 90 degrees left and right, and its down-tilt capability of nearly 90 degrees at any point of rotation allows easy laying of material for loading.

Mulch bucket

The new 1.0 cu. Mr. Mulch Bucket loads mulch into pickup trucks and tight spaces. With its narrow, 56-in. width, the mulching bucket comfortably loads materials inside the bed of most pickup trucks without worrying about contact or damage.

Minimizing waste, its smaller profile provides the clearance needed to load trucks without spilling material. Its 1 yard. the measurement is laser etched into the side of the bucket, allowing customers to be sure they are receiving a full load. The design’s adjustable machine interface provides proper ground contact with varying hinge pin heights, so it works efficiently on the full line of Cat SSL, CTL and CWL machines.

Easily handle stumps

Designed for clearing and clearing invasive trees, stumps and large shrubs, the Stump Bucket for Cat SSL and CTL models is specifically designed to remove and transport tree stumps. Long, narrow floors make it easy to dig around and under the roots of trees and large shrubs. Its serrated side plates make it easy to saw through stubborn roots, while the replaceable teeth ensure long life with a BHL style that can be replaced with fork or pick style teeth. Heavy-duty steel construction resists twisting and prying in tough jobs for long-lasting reliability.

tree scoops

The Cat Tree Shovel efficiently handles shrubs and small trees in nurseries and landscaping applications. Capable of digging and picking up to 36 inches. diameter, the excavator easily transports or transplants trees and other materials. The spade profile sinks easily into the ground and a flattened tip cuts through roots for easy tree removal. Welded gussets and thick plates give it a sturdy design and added durability.

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