Decorative Easter cookies take over the dessert table


While Easter candy might fill that basket, the dessert table doesn’t have to be just a bowl of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. This year, decorative Easter cookies fill the dessert table. Ready to skip the carrot cake and add a plate of cookies to the mix?

During the holidays, cookies seem to be everywhere. Who hasn’t been to at least one cookie swap party over the holidays. But, as the snow fades, the dozens of cookies leave the plate. Can’t they come back before the winter cold returns?

Looking around the Easter aisle, nestled between all the sweets are many decorative Easter cookies. From simple kits to over-the-top decadence, there’s a choice for everyone.

For example, Godiva Chocolate has an amazing Easter cookie kit. With 12 pre-baked egg-shaped cookies, worry about baking is irrelevant. Plus, the cookies are made with Godiva chocolate, making them a tasty treat.

With chocolate hearts, frosting and candy beads, everyone can express themselves on these cookies. From simple patterns to delicate florals, it can bring conversation to the dessert table. Plus, for anyone who wants an activity to keep the kids busy while the adults talk, this idea is a great one.

Target’s Favorite Day offered a wide variety of Easter cookies. From tie dyed cookies to homemade Easter cookies, there were plenty of options. These ideas are ideal for budding bakers. For anyone building their confidence in the kitchen or wanting to start a tradition with the kids, these options from Favorite Day at Target are perfect.

For the more discerning baker, Wilton has everything to make the most beautiful decorative Easter cookies. In addition to cookie cutters, Wilton offers a wide selection of decorative items. From sprinkles to frosting, there are plenty of ways to bring color to the dessert table.

Additionally, Wilton offers plenty of tips and inspiration on its website. Even if the end product looks a bit more abstract than perfect, it’s all about having fun. There is no judgment on the dessert table.

Are you serving decorative Easter cookies this year? What tips or tricks do you have?


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