Ford Endeavor with F-150 Raptor body kit by Autobacs looks Brute


Ford Endeavor was one of the most popular full-size SUVs for sale in the Indian market. Unfortunately, Ford officially announced its exit from the Indian market last year, which meant that all cars in its lineup were pulled from our market. Ford will continue to provide service to existing customers in the market. Ford Endeavor is a commonly spotted SUV on our roads and is a capable off-roader too. People often modify Endeavor SUVs to improve off-road capabilities. There are several examples where the SUV has been completely transformed to look like a Ford F-150 pickup truck. Here we have one of those videos where a Ford Endeavor is extremely modified with a Ford F-150 Raptor body kit.

The video was uploaded by GOKZ MOTOGRAPHY on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about all the modifications made to this old Ford Endeavor 3.2 SUV. The SUV has been completely transformed and it does not look like an Endeavor from the front. The front face has been completely changed. The SUV now gets the massive grille from the Ford Raptor and the headlights have been replaced. The stock headlights were replaced with F-150 aftermarket headlights fitted with LED matrix DRLs and turn signals.

The hood, front fenders and bumper have all been replaced with an aftermarket Raptor body kit. The SUV is now slightly wider and longer than the stock Endeavor thanks to this body kit. The off-road bumper at the front incorporates LED fog lights. As for the side profile, the major change here is to the wheels. The SUV now gets aftermarket 22-inch alloy wheels imported from the United States of America. The wheels are wrapped in imported Mud-Terrain tires. The suspension setup of this SUV has been improved. The SUV has been lifted and the overall ground clearance of the SUV has also increased.

Many items like differential, lower arms, upper arms, axle extenders, tire extenders have all been upgraded. The suspension used in this SUV can be adjusted depending on the terrain. The SUV also gets a Stage 1+ remapping to improve performance. The original footrest from the Ford Endeavor has been removed and instead it now gets an automatic running board that pops out when you open the door. As the car has been lifted, getting in and out of this SUV is going to be a hassle if you plan to use it as a family SUV.

The vlogger mentions that the driving comfort of this SUV is still good. The Endeavor now gets a custom paint job and Premium quality paint was also used for this. It gets a two-tone paint job that enhances the Endeavour’s commanding appearance. As we move rearward, the rear fender gets a widebody kit. It also helps give the Endeavor a uniform look in the rear. All of the chrome normally seen in the Endeavor has been removed or blacked out. At the rear, the SUV gets smoked LED taillights. The rear bumper remains original and there is a gloss black finish to the rear skid plate.


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