Here are the models of RI license plates that were not retained


Rhode Island’s Division of Motor Vehicles released the nearly 1,000 design proposals for the state’s license plate on Friday.

The state said it received 940 submissions, but only one — a plate from South Kingstown resident Willem Van Lancker — became the state’s new license plate. Van Lancker’s design, inspired by the current “Wave” plate, won in a public vote over four other finalists, receiving 52% of the vote.

But hundreds of other people had their own ideas, and they ranged from sincere (lots of bridges and seafood) to ironic (potholes). A designer came up with a pencil sketch of a lobster chasing a shark. Others featured roosters, clams, or flowers. Dunkin’ Donuts, Cafe Latte, and Del’s Lemonade also made appearances.

Van Lancker’s winner is expected to begin release in late summer, the state said. The move does not affect the various charity plates, but Van Lancker’s new plate will replace the standard “Wave” plate for about 750,000 vehicles in the state. People will pay an additional $8 when they renew their registration. The two-year cycle means the current plate, which has been on the roads for two-and-a-half decades, is set to disappear by 2024 – and it will give law enforcement a better chance of determining which cars are incorrectly registered.

You can scroll through the 940 models below:

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