Hyundai Creta Owner Drives Through Waterlogged Tunnel; Here is what happened


The end of the monsoons is almost here in many parts of India, and like every year, 2022 has also witnessed the issues of floods and waterlogging in many parts of the country. Such cases usually cause a lot of trouble and loss to livelihoods and mobility solutions.

This particular time of the year is when you need to drive, maintain and even park your vehicle with utmost care, otherwise you may suffer increasing losses. One such example we are sharing here is of a person who suffered heavy loss due to hydraulic lock issues in his Hyundai Creta, after driving on a wet road.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Nick Zeek, presenter Nikhil Borkute explains the aftereffects and damage he suffered after driving his Hyundai Creta through a waterlogged tunnel in Nagpur. Nikhil was driving his first generation Hyundai Creta on the roads of Nagpur. In Somalwada region of Nagpur, Manish Nagar underpass tunnel came in the way of Nikhil, who was knee deep in water due to heavy rains in the city.

Despite the unfavorable situation, Nikhil dared to drive his Creta through the waters, but in the end, the SUV got stuck when he reached halfway. The SUV immediately stopped and began to float, as water had entered the combustion chamber of his SUV’s engine. Nikhil even tried to start the engine to reverse, but the Creta wouldn’t start because the water had already entered the engine.

Water can short out electricity

Most modern vehicles are now controlled by electrical systems, and driving them on wet roads is extremely dangerous. All the windows in most modern vehicles run on electricity and if the electricity fails due to water, they stop working.

Also, due to the water level outside the vehicle, it becomes almost impossible to open the door against the water pressure. So the only way to get out of the vehicle is to break the windows.

The side windows are easier to break than the windshield because they are not laminated. There are suitable tools that are available in the market for breaking windows. However, if you don’t have it with you at the time of the emergency, you can still use the head restraints. The sharp edge of the head restraints can be used to break the windows and get out of the vehicle in such scenarios. However, you should be extra careful when entering a waterlogged road.

13 days to repair the car

Nikhil then towed his Creta using a crane to an authorized Hyundai service center, where the full engine repair work began. The work lasted about 13 days, after which the engine was restored to working order. Due to the hydraulic engine lockout, the Creta had suffered enormous damage.

The mechanical parts such as the engine connecting rods, the airbags, the module and the steering control module, as well as the components such as the suspension bushings and the front lower bumper skid plate have been completely replaced. All these damages are estimated at around Rs 50,000 which also includes basic general maintenance and replacement of engine oil.

We urge all our readers to avoid driving on such wet roads, especially in hatchbacks and sedans that have poor fording capabilities. Even in some high-rise vehicles, the fording capabilities are not high enough to allow you to drive it on wet roads or running water. In such cases where the engine is damaged due to hydraulic lock issues, engine protection coverage in your car insurance usually comes to your rescue and takes care of all major expenses.

Most insurance covers water damage but not the engine of the vehicle. Knowing what your insurance coverage provides is essential. There are also add-ons that insure damages free of charge. If you live in an area that is often waterlogged, adding an engine cover is a great choice.


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