Launch of the limited edition Toyota Hilux Safari in the Kenyan market


Toyota Kenya presented the limited edition Hilux Safari Rally in Kenya. The new Hilux is a limited and exclusive edition offering all the style, vibe, performance and technology that Safari racing enthusiasts expect.

There are currently only 15 Hilux Safari in Kenya, three of which have already been sold. The new limited edition features a bespoke gazoo racing suspension that represents Toyota’s unified motorsport branch, competing in various global motorsport disciplines. These include the World Rally Championship, NASCAR and Dakar. It also features an enlarged honeycomb grille and a gloss black finish with a GR badge.

The Hilux Safari also comes with GR side steps, Gazoo Racing front bumper, and a similar branded front fender trim that keeps sand, mud, rocks, liquids and other road sprays out of the way. be thrown into the air. It also includes a underside with a GR skid plate perfect for off-roading and strong enough to prevent damage.

According to Toyota Kenya, the limited edition Hilux Safari Rally shocks have been replaced with a single-tube design with revised 8-stage adjustable damping force with cartridge. This works in conjunction with increased front spring rates to deliver a sportier ride without sacrificing ride comfort.

This new edition also responds to all challenges, whether commercial or sporting. Its sporty design offers an exhilarating driving experience in single or double cab variants with automatic or manual transmission.

Key specifications of the Toyota Hilux Safari

Engine displacement: 2393 cm3
Fuel system: Direct injection
Fuel type: Diesel
Dimensions (LxWxH): 5330 x 1800 x 1690 mm
Ground clearance : 182 mm
Wheelbase: 3085 mm
Gearbox: Manual, Automatic
Transmission: Rear 2 wheel drive
All weather 4 × 4
Part-time manual 4 × 4
Unloaded weight : 1735 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 80 liters


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