Let’s take a closer look at the ‘fun-sized’ Juiced RipRacer 28 MPH Electric Bike


Last week, San Diego-based e-bike company Juiced Bikes unveiled its all-new electric bike, the RipRacer. The bike has a smaller frame and 20-inch wheels, making it ideal for short riders and city dwellers who want elevator-friendly, space-saving riding.

Juiced Bikes Founder and CEO Tora Harris gave us a closer look at the new electric bike in a video posted to the company’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Tora showcased a 90% complete production prototype of the new RipRacer electric bike. The prototype has minor aesthetic differences from the production vehicle, which is expected to release early next year.

In the first up-close look at the bike, Tora showed off the “fun-sized” design as well as the inspiration behind it.

As he explained:

“First off you will notice that the bike is on a BMX style platform with 20 inch tires. And they’re 4 inch wide tires, so they’re super big. It really works with this form factor bike which makes the bike really fun to ride.

The bike is shown fitting into small elevators without having to lift one end of the bike.

While the bike is certainly smaller than most big-tire e-bikes, that doesn’t mean it rules out adult riders. The company says the RipRacer should fit riders 5’0 ″ to 6’3 ″ (152 to 190 cm).

We also got a first look at Juiced’s new G2 battery. The second generation 52V battery comes with a number of upgrades over the traditional battery used on Juiced e-bikes.

A carrying handle has been added on top of the battery, which will be useful for carrying large capacity batteries. The battery shown in the video was Juiced’s 52V 15.6Ah battery configuration with a capacity of 811 Wh, but the company also offers batteries up to almost 1000 Wh. These dense battery packs can benefit from a carrying handle to ease the process of lugging them around when they are off the bike.

The fuse cover on the back of the battery is now hidden and the tightness of the entire battery has been improved to achieve an IP65 rating. This means riders won’t have to worry about the battery if they get caught in a rainstorm on the way home.

The battery also has a built-in Apple AirTag compartment to help track the bike and / or the battery should it ever become separated from its owner.

The battery power button has been moved to the bottom of the battery where it locks against the bike. Tora explained that this adds another layer of security, as you can’t turn on the bike without being able to remove the battery to reach the button.

The video also gives us a first look at Juiced’s upcoming charging station. The rather large device not only charges the batteries, but also adds ports for output power when not connected to the network. This includes up to 500W of AC power from a pair of 110V outlets and DC power via USB for charging phones, tablets and other electronics.

We have explored battery powered generators for outdoor use before, but they often cost $ 1,000 or more. With a device like this, your large capacity electric bike battery could serve as a backup battery or power source for camping and other outdoor activities.

Next, Tora introduced the motor, which is a 750 W rear gear hub motor. The bike in the video is the Class 3 version (up to 28 mph or 45 km / h), although a version Class 2 (20 mph or 32 km / h) is also available. In the Class 3 version, the controller is limited to 25A, which means that the 750W motor actually approximates 1300 watts of peak power.

The new motor uses an updated wired connection, which means it’s easier to disconnect and maintain in the future.

The bike also has better braking, as Tora continued:

“Along with the high power and speed of this bike, we also include hydraulic disc brakes. It is very important that we have very strong brakes for safety. So you get a lot more power, a lot more control and also less maintenance.

The bike is also designed to be comfortable to pedal, even with its single-speed drivetrain. The rear sprocket is a 12t, while the front chainring uses a 52t configuration. This results in a higher gear ratio to keep your feet from spinning like a food processor at higher speeds.

Single-speed electric bikes have in fact become more and more common. Many riders constantly leave their e-bikes at the highest speed, as the inclusion of pedal assist means they spend less time accelerating at higher speeds.

Tora also showed off the accessory brackets and explained that the bike is designed to be an accessory platform. The top tube has four bottle bosses that act as anchor points for mounting bags or frame brackets. The frame steerer tube has a mounting plate for a front rack or basket, and the rear dropouts sport a large M8 threaded receiver for a sturdy rear rack.

While many e-bikes ignore the built-in lighting in favor of charging for accessory lighting, the RipRacer base comes with bright lighting, including a 1000 lumen headlight.

The tail light has an always-on function as well as a brake light function.

The seat is also custom designed and includes a grab handle to help maneuver the bike.

The bike was also designed to be easy to maintain, as Tora explained.

“Another thing that is very important is ease of maintenance. So we made this bike very easy to access the motor, very easy to access the controller and the wiring harness. We have no cables going through the frame which would make maintenance difficult.

While that may be true, there is a certain twist there as well. Several years ago, e-bikes began to feature internal wire and cable routing to create a sleeker, cleaner look without a nest of cables. Once hydraulic brakes became more popular on electric bikes, manufacturers quickly realized that if the brakes needed fixing, it was difficult to pull and then bleed the lines again. The same goes for replacing electrical wires, which are more difficult to maintain when routed through the frame tubes.

In the case of Juiced, the RipRacer has a wire channel on the underside of the down tube that includes a wire cover to maintain a clean look that mimics cables routed inside. The wires appear to be hidden in the frame tube, but are actually just hidden along the bottom of the tube. It’s the same approach Rad Power Bikes took when they unveiled the new RadRover 6 Plus earlier this summer.

The Juiced RipRacer will go on sale November 26, starting at $ 1,399 for the Class 2 version. The more powerful and faster Class 3 version will be priced at $ 1,599.

These are two promotional prices, and final bike prices are expected to increase after the holiday season.

Deliveries are expected to begin in March, just in time to prepare for the driving season across much of the United States.

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