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gHello the It’s February 18.

Savings will always be theatrical.

As soon as we entered the Goodwill of Dover, New Jersey, we were let go.

My single mother loaded my brother and me artistically – find the coats of Camelotthe sequins of Gypsyand every shade of Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Times were tough and costumes expensive. So we acted like ostriches, plunging our heads into donation bins.

For me, chasing art and popping tags will always go hand in hand. And for Atwater Village Goodwill, this connection is also evident.

“Textile artists who work with fabric often turn to thrift stores for affordable raw materials,” writes my colleague Sharon McNary. “Goodwill Southern California went one step further by inviting two artists to create an installation, using unsold clothing as inspiration and material – and saving them from the landfill.”

The exhibition, entitled “Fabric”, transforms khaki into canvas, coats into clay. Contemporary artist Spencer Lewis and curator Darren “DRx” Romanelli have taken up residence at the thrift store, hosting the one-of-a-kind art exhibit, which runs through Sunday, to benefit Goodwill Southern California.

Upcycling clothes, in the abstract, is always smart. You can save a few bucks, find some truly unique pieces, and of course, get out of the toxic cycle of the fast fashion industry.

Throw a few bones in Goodwill and this exhibit can also help heartily here locally.

Bobby May, a liaison for Goodwill, recalled his own time living on Skid Row when visiting one of the facilities. Now his job is to help homeless people take advantage of the services offered by his organization.

“My job is to get out there, get people to work, and give them jobs off of Skid Row,” said May. “And now we have people working in every store everywhere.”

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you got here. Theatrically, artistically or inspired by a Top of the charts 2012 (I wouldn’t know nothing on this).

For those looking for goodwill, well, your answer is right here on the page.

Keep reading to learn more about what’s going on in LA, and stay safe there.

What else you need to know today

Before You Go…Alliterative Anteaters, Spiderman Superiority, A Stringed String Section

A rescued pangolin is released into the forest by government wildlife and conservation officers in Karo district in North Sumatra province July 31, 2012 after Indonesian police intercepted 85 endangered pangolins, most alive despite being stuffed into sacks by suspected smugglers.

Alliteration…*voice of Natasha Lyonne* what a concept!

LAist’s Weekend Events post (appropriately posted on a Thursday ^^) is particularly popular this week.

A for-profit comedy show called Punchlines for Pangolins shows up at the hugely popular Pacific Plate Brewing Co. this Saturday at 7 p.m. Quaff a Pangolin Defender brew while reflecting on comedic styles from Eddie Pepitone and Paige Weldon please.

Miles Morales is the superior Spiderman. So, Sunday, go to Los Feliz 3 Theater for a selection of filmsincluding Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, curated by Oscar-winning filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Or marvel at It’s a musical world at the Bob Baker Puppet Theater this Saturday. The puppets prance, dance and enter in this spectacular show for all ages.

Wrap yourself in electrifying events across Los Angeles here.

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