Outback Motortek KTM 1090 skid plate


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The first thing I noticed Outback Motortek protection plate for the KTM 1090 was the thickness of the plate material. Even though my old skid plate claimed to be 5mm, the Backcountry enginetek (OM) has the same specs but looks thicker and a bit more sturdy.

As with the other skid plates I have tested, the footrests need to be removed for installation. The best way to do this is to slip a screwdriver through the bolt hole with the dowel and spring in place. Then use the bolt to push the pilot out. This saves a bit of time and a lot of frustration.

I tested the OM protection plate over the course of a few months. It took a hit too. The first real test was the Outlaw single track in West Virginia, the skid plate of which struck rocks and struck downed trees on the trail.

I was impressed with how he can withstand a beating. After a few months in Virginia, I took him down the road to Park City, UT, for the KTM rally and the Ultimate race. There, the underside of my 1090 slipped and hit more rocks than he had seen in his life, but the OM the skid plate suffered only one fold and no cracks. I really liked this plate!

Next stop was Baja California, Mexico for the Baja rally. After a few high speed impacts with washouts, lip, and rocky ledges, the skid plate retained its integrity and did not bend or break at any of the mounting points. Another thing that I noticed, or rather did not note, was that there was no noticeable heat coming from the headers, as some complain. The skid plate feels well ventilated, even in the height of summer on narrow single-tracks, whether in West Virginia or in the wash basins of Baja California.

OutbackMotorTekSkidplate 900BODY2

MSRP: $ 349


  • Very resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Ventilates well so as not to have that oven effect as with others
  • Tight all the way to the bottom of the bike so you don’t sacrifice clearance.
  • Now compatible with factory center stands



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