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Constructed from premium aircraft-grade aluminum and weighing just 9.2 ounces, eXtreme utilizes four independently adjustable feet for precise adjustment over uneven terrain to securely support camera/lens combinations up to 22 lbs.

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Platypod, the creator of popular alternatives to compact tripods, is capitalizing on their high popularity on Starter to launch the new extreme platypod to April 6. This versatile flagship model offers a host of new features and greater flexibility for photographers who want to travel light.

Like all Platypods, the new eXtreme uses four independently adjustable legs for precise adjustment over uneven terrain and greater stability than conventional three-legged tabletop and travel tripods. What makes the new model unique is that the threaded legs not only adjust up and down, but also swivel for instant deployment.

When not in use, the legs fold flat for storage and do not need to be removed. The Platypod eXtreme also features an integrated handle and multiple attachment points for compact lights, extension poles and other important mobile accessories.

Barely 5mm thin, measuring just 7.75 x 5.25 inches and weighing only 9.6 oz, the Platypod eXtreme features a premium aircraft-grade aluminum plate, with a titanium main bolt 3/8″ standard. The Precision eXtreme uses stainless steel rubber-tipped feet, screws, and springs, and is designed to safely support camera/lens combinations up to 22 lbs.

Platypod’s flat tripod alternatives are the brainchild of CEO, photographer and inventor larry tiefenbrunn who conceived the concept while hiking from the base of Bryce Canyon. He realized his tripod was too bulky and heavy for the steep climb, and realized he needed a light and sturdy compact option that would slip into a bag without taking up valuable space. , unlike flimsy, foldable mini tripods that take up the space of a telephoto lens. lens.

Since nothing was available that met Tiefenbrunn’s strict specifications, he decided to invent one himself and Platypod was born. When the first Platypod was launched at Photoshop World and PhotoPlus Expo in 2015, it was well received by the photography community who continue to support Platypod as new products are introduced.

As Larry explains, “I have listened to our clients, consultants and photographers over the past few years and incorporated their suggestions into the last iteration of the platypod. It’s awesome and extreme!”

The Platypod eXtreme comes with a variety of useful accessories, including a ¼” cross nut adapter, a handy carabiner, a neoprene wallet with an inside pocket, and the four spikes.

the Platypod eXtreme Kickstarter Campaign short of From April 6 to May 9, with a choice of three levels. Although the retail price is set at $149contributors can commit either $119, $129or $139—the latter is only available on the first day of the campaign and will include the earliest delivery and a free multi-accessory kit.

There are full details, images and videos of the amazing new Platypod eXtreme on the Kickstarter page where you can figure out which tier you prefer and make a pledge. You can also learn more about the company’s other Platypod models, unique and premium Platyball tripod heads and accessories at

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Launched in 2014, Platypod Pro LLC is a small family business committed to making excellent quality products for professional photographers and videographers at affordable prices. The company’s unique and practical designs make Platypod products extremely versatile pieces of equipment designed to expand the creativity levels of all image makers.

Inspired by the duck-billed platypus, an animal with wide, flat feet, Platypod compact tripods are designed with an unusual yet highly ergonomic and elegant flat shape, perfectly balanced for DSLRs and lenses. There are two versions of Platypod tripods – Max for DSLRs and video cameras with heavy lenses and Ultra for lightweight DSLRs, mirrorless and compact action cameras and smartphones. Pair Max or Ultra with a Multi Accessory Kit or the new Stackable Goosenecks to unleash their full potential. Platypod is set to release Platyball, the world’s first button tripod head with an inverted design and electronic level meter, in 2021.

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