Pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner completely modified to look like Legender


Toyota Fortuner is one of the most popular SUVs in its segment. It is known for its rugged looks, reliability and off-road capabilities. We have seen several Toyota Fortuner off-road videos on the internet. Toyota launched the Fortuner facelift and the Legender version on the market last year. Legender is a much more premium version of the regular Fortuner. Many pre-facelift Toyota Fortuner owners now modify their normal Fortuner to Legender. We’ve seen similar videos of such modifications in the past. Here we have such a modification video where a 5 year old Toyota Fortuner was carefully modified to Fortuner Legender.

The video was uploaded by VIG AUTO ACCESSORIES on their YouTube channel. The video starts with a vlogger showing what the car looked like when it arrived at the dealership, then reveals the car after all the modification work. The video does not show the complete process. Starting from the front, the original headlights, grille and front bumper have been removed. These were replaced with a grille, bumper, all LED headlights and aftermarket Legender fog lights.

The matte black portion of the regular Legender grille has been finished in gloss black for a different look. The silver skid plate on the bumper has now been finished in Red Satin. As for the side profile, the claddings of the wheel arches and the side step were finished in piano black or gloss black. Lower door moldings with Fortuner branding were installed here. The door handles are all blacked out and the roof has been wrapped in gloss black. ORVMs are also shiny black. The main attraction of the SUV are the wheels. The old stock alloy wheels have been replaced with the stock 18 inch alloy wheels from Legender.

At the rear, the Fortuner gets a gloss black applique between the taillights. The wall lamp illuminated the Fortuner brand. The stock taillights have been replaced with Legender type aftermarket LED lights. The rear bumper of this SUV was also replaced. Just like in the original Legender, matrix style LED turn signals are also present on this Fortuner. The rear bumper also gets satin red accents in some places.

Moving in, the cabin gets a two-tone arctic white and black treatment. The door is covered with white leather upholstery. The car has illuminated sill plates on it. The seats were covered in a bespoke white leather upholstery. The dashboard also receives soft-touch materials. There are floor mats and the steering wheel is also wrapped in leather. The fit and finish of the materials used inside the cabin appear to be good. The windows are covered with a transparent film and ambient lights are installed on the dashboard, doors and floor.

Overall, the car looks premium both inside and out. The SUV doesn’t look like any regular Fortuner from any angle. The Fortuner is available with gasoline and diesel engine options, while the Legender is available only with a diesel engine. It is available in 2WD and 4WD options.


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