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Anker Innovations showcased the latest developments from its brands at the recent Gitex Global 2022 exhibition – including Anker Charging, eufy Smart Home, Soundcore Audio, AnkerWork and Nebula projectors – showcasing the future of the connected living experience.

“Committed to building a thriving technology ecosystem in the UAE, Gitex Global 2022 provides us with an ideal platform to interact with our stakeholders in addition to potential partners and customers,” said Faraz Mehdi, Managing Director, Anker Innovations, MEA and Asia. from South. .

He added: “Efforts by the leaders of the UAE have helped position the country as a hub for future technologies improving people’s living standards. With the launch of our latest offerings, including the new eufyCam 3 and Edge Security System, we look forward to showcasing our industry-leading solutions at Gitex this year to make life easier and more convenient.

To meet growing customer privacy demands, eufy Security, the smart security brand of Anker Innovations, will launch the eufyCam 3 at Gitex 2022.

The Edge security system will include a HomeBase 3 data concentrator, two eufyCam three solar cameras with 4K resolution, free local storage, machine learning AI with 99% accurate recognition and automatic analysis of videos and events directly from the enhanced eufy Security mobile app. .

Powered by the new HomeBase 3, eufyCam 3 will leverage eufy Security’s proprietary BionicMind, a self-learning AI that over time will deliver 99% accuracy in recognizing different people, as well as detection of pets and objects.

With BionicMind, every time a person crosses the camera’s field of view, their face, body, and movements are sent to HomeBase 3.

The more information the new data hub receives, the more accurate its analysis will become, with up to 99% accuracy. The HomeBase 3 uses computer technology that analyzes user data and automatically curates and catalogs it using the HomeBase 3’s free local storage. This creates a more efficient user experience where the owner has full control over who can access his video footage.

BionicMind’s facial recognition capabilities help users automatically capture and classify video footage played by family members, friends or other frequent visitors.

HomeBase 3, BionicMind and the mobile app also work together to instantly identify and notify users of strangers or intruders who have been spotted near their home/property.

Additionally, the eufy Security app has been upgraded to allow users to manage all their notifications and devices in one interface, and take advantage of HomeBase 3’s BionicMind technology to instantly catalog and organize footage.

HomeBase 3 comes with 16GB of free 256-bit encrypted local storage. The Data Hub can support up to 16TB of additional memory using an external hard drive (not included in the Edge Security System) for up to 60 years of local video storage without the need for free up space.

HomeBase 3 should come with two of the new eufyCam 3 security cameras designed with 4K ultra-HD resolution and featuring night vision, two-way audio, a built-in spotlight and a 13,400 mAh battery with a built-in solar panel for power not -stop.

The new cameras also feature the latest outdoor home-grade specs, including color night vision, motion detection and an IP 67 waterproof rating.

eufy’s new Edge security system will eventually be compatible with a number of other eufy security devices, including Video Smart Lock, Video Doorbell Dual, Floodlight Cam 2 Pro, Solo Indoor Cam and Door Sensor.


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