Solid Axle Bronco pays homage to previous generations


Not long ago, we covered the exciting project undertaken by Kyle Delfel, a Ford enthusiast located in the Pacific Northwest who manages the Instagram account delfab__. He traded in a solid front axle on his 2021 Ford Bronco and eventually brought it to the SEMA 2021 show, where it was recognized by Ford Performance with a design award.

And recognized that it should be, as the company seems quite elaborate, as the original Ford Bronco comes with independent front suspension, which has superior handling capabilities both on the highway and on the road. ‘high-speed off-road events, compared to a solid front axle. found on the Jeep Wrangler. Conversely, the solid front axle design allows for better articulation for low-speed off-road events, such as exploring boulders, and also makes it easier to lift and add larger tires.

One turn of the solid Ford Bronco front axle

The unique solid Ford Bronco front axle has received many decals that pay homage to previous generations including a 3D printed grille that looks like the first generation Bronco with the Ford name on the front fairing instead of Bronco as we will see. also on the Bronco Raptor. Additionally, an amber overlay has been placed over the parking lights while sunset decals from the second-generation Bronco’s freewheel assembly make up the exterior design. Meanwhile, the classic badge on the side is reminiscent of previous members of the Bronco family.

If anyone would like to purchase the decals, they can contact Kyle on his Instagram.

The construction includes several 4-wheel parts that have been modified around the 40-inch Mickey Thompson Baja Pro XS tires. The front bumper with integrated rigid lights, side steps, fender deletions and the rear bumper with rigid lights were fitted to the Ford Bronco. Additionally, a Smitty Built winch sits on top of the front bumper and can pull 9,500 pounds, while a custom RackTech roof rack with rigid lighting has been mounted directly into the factory mounting points on the roof.

Changes below

A few additions were made under the vehicle including a custom skid plate, Curry Rock Jock stabilizer bar, Yukon Chromoly 1550 front axle shafts and fully hydraulic PSC steering. Big SSBC brakes were also fitted to give the Bronco reliable stopping power with all the extra weight. In addition, the frame under the vehicle has been powder coated and the fuel tank has been relocated to accommodate the transmission. And just as a dynamic front axle was added to the front of the Bronco, the rear axle was replaced with that of a recent F-250 Super Duty model.

The spare tire has been moved to the trunk of the Ford Bronco with custom brackets that use the existing mounting points on the floor. Plus, the in-floor compartment provides access to the built-in air compressor for easy ventilation after a day on the trail. The interior of the vehicle features a ShadowCraft custom racing-style steering wheel and luxurious custom seats for a comfortable ride.


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