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RENO – The Northern Nevada chapter of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration this week announced the availability of a specialty Nevada license plate to honor mining in Nevada. These plates are available at local Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles offices, or can be ordered online at the DMV website.

The Northern Nevada SME first submitted an application for a specialized plaque to honor mining in December 2011, and the DMV approved the request in August 2018. The Northern Nevada SME solicited design ideas for the plaque to its members and other professional societies. The winning plaque design was submitted by registered SME member Patsy Moran, PhD, and refined with the help of many Nevada SME members.

“We have been working for a long time to make this plaque available and we are satisfied with the end result. It honors both the past and the future of mining in our state. Any supporter of mining and its vital role in Nevada should be proud to have this plaque on their vehicle, ”said Chris Blue, president of the Northern Nevada SME.

The DMV provides a portion of the proceeds from the sale or renewal of each mining plate to the Northern Nevada SME to fund scholarships for mining engineering, geology, metallurgy and other fields related to l mining at the universities of Nevada. The number and amount of purses will depend on the number of plates sold.

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The number of specialty plate designs allowed is limited by the Nevada Legislature. In order to keep the Nevada Mining plate available for new registrations, at least 1,000 must be registered by December 2022, and at least 1,000 active registrations must be maintained each year thereafter.

Mining plates are available to be personalized and are also available in a smaller size for motorcycles and trailers. The Northern Nevada SME plans to raise additional funds for the stock exchange by auctioning the rights to the first 100 plate numbers, from 0000 to 0099. The auction will be conducted through Bidder Sweet Auction Company.

The Northern Nevada Chapter of SME is a Reno-based local chapter of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, a professional society dedicated to serving the mining, resource and underground construction communities for a sustainable future.

For more information on the auction for the first 100 plate numbers, contact Michael Norred, mike@techbase.com. For more information on the Northern Nevada SME Grants, contact Sarah Lightner, lightner@geopros.com.


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