The 15 Best Horror Anime and Where to Stream Them


The 29-year-old suddenly finds himself kicked 19 and into his 10-year-old self with the ability to stop and catch the child murderer before his first crimes take place. It’s an amazing mix of genres with a really scary villain and phenomenal characters that you want to see survive. Deleted is only 12 episodes and not a single one is wasted as this mystery plays out and goes to dark places.

Made in the Abyss

How many episodes: 25, +3 movies
Where to stream: Prime Video, HIDIVE

Made in the Abyss may not be traditionally a horror series, but it contains such heartbreaking visuals and grueling acts of torture that it is likely to get under the skin of even the most seasoned horror fans. Made in the Abyss masquerades as a series of playful adventures, an illusion taken even further by its innocent young protagonist, Riko. Riko dreams of descending into the titular Abyss, a mysterious realm that is said to contain incredible wonders, but also increasingly intense curses with each new level.

There’s a genuine sense of dread as Riko and Reg close in on their goal, while being exposed to greater danger and debilitating transformations. They are adorable and endearing characters and Made in the Abyss gives the impression that they are destined to die or turn into hellish abominations. Made in the Abyss currently only has two seasons and an original feature that ties their content together, but in that short time it has introduced enough disturbing visuals and unique horror to last hundreds of episodes. Hopefully, Riko and Reg won’t be stuck in this debilitating abyss for so long.

Death threat

How many episodes: 37
Where to stream: Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, Tubi, Prime Video, Peacock, PlutoTV

Death threat is a series that has turned into a colossal success and even though there are different live action versions, there is none that compares to what the anime achieves. Death threat manages to take something as bizarre as a magical murder notebook and an apple-loving devil shinigami and tie it together with a tough cat-and-mouse crime saga.


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