The Coolest Geralt Armors You Still Haven’t Found


Geralt of Rivia has different armor options obtainable throughout the story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with some sets being harder to find than others. These armor sets vary thematically across the continent based on various geographic regions and Witcher schools. Due to the nature of some Witcher 3 quests, awesome armor sets can be permanently missed if players do not select certain quest options.

Although the fact that armor sets can be dyed in Witcher 3 allows for substantial customization, players can further modify their own Geralt by obtaining extremely cool and rare armor sets. In addition to changing the protagonist’s aesthetic, these armor sets serve to mitigate damage and protect Geralt within. Witcher 3 and grant additional stats and perks, depending on the set. These armor sets usually consist of a piece of chest armor, gauntlets, pants, and boots.


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As the coolest armor sets in Witcher 3 are rare, these unique sets can be collected from hidden Witcher caches, obtained through treasure hunts, or crafted at a gunsmith. Geralt must obtain armor diagrams, which can be found around the world or purchased from vendors, in order to craft Witcher 3 together with a gunsmith. Still, some of the coolest armor sets can be permanently missed if Witcher 3 players do not follow the correct path in a quest. Some of the coolest and rarest Witcher 3 Armor sets for Geralt can be hard for players to find – and easy to miss.

The Hen Gaidth armor set is one of the coolest armor sets in Witcher 3

Geralt's coolest and rarest Witcher 3 armor: the Hen Gaidth armor set.

First, the remarkable Hen Gaidth armor set features heavy armor pieces in a shiny purple color. This eye-catching set was introduced in the Blood & Wine DLC expansion. This special armor set can only be obtained during the “What is hiding“Quest completed inside the Lair of the Unseen Ancient, available by looting chests in the main tunnel.

This striking blood red armor and rather unsettling mask is likely inspired by the armor worn by Gary Oldman as Dracula in the 1992 film Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This is entirely missable if players avoid going to the Invisible Elder’s Lair and choose to do the “Beyond Hill and Dale…Blood & Wine quest instead. This armor set has a black color variation, known as the Tesham Mutna armor set, which can also only be acquired during the Blood & Wine main quest”The crazy cage“inside the secret vampire lair.

Witcher 3’s Toussaint Relic armor set is one of the coolest and rarest

Geralt's coolest and rarest Witcher 3 armor: the Toussaint Relic armor set.

Another heavy armor set introduced in the Blood & Wine the extension is the very beautiful Toussaint Relic ensemble. Although the model of this armor set is not unique, as seen in both the Hen Gaidth and Tusham Mutna armor sets, the colors and textures of the Toussaint Relic set are absolutely outstanding. The shiny, burnished plate shines gold against intricate patterns below, and a striking red and gold striped panel shines with the colors belonging to the Duchy.

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The Toussaint Relic armor set is only available in the Land of a Thousand Fables. Geralt learns that a knight has entered this fairy tale land in search of a princess, only to be killed by goblins. Geralt can loot this Fallen Knight’s body to get the Golden Armor by following a Will o’ the Wisp near Longlock’s Tower. If players don’t follow the floating Wisp, they likely won’t come across the knight’s body, which will allow them to obtain the steel sword, Vitis.

Where to find Toussaint Ducal Guard Captain’s Armor in The Witcher 3

Geralt's coolest and rarest Witcher 3 armor: Toussaint Ducal Guard Captain's Armor.

Another impressive and rare armor set from the Duchy of Toussaint, one of the most important kingdoms Geralt must navigate Witcher 3. This set of medium armor introduced in the expansion looks very good, with black and dark brown colors, as well as a burnished orange. This armor set mimics the outfit of the Captain of the Ducal Guard, Damien de la Tour, whom Geralt encounters in the game.

The Toussaint Ducal Guard Captain set can be obtained by creating the various diagrams scattered across Toussaint, which players may have easily missed. The armor and pants can be found in the ruins south of Fort Astre and the boots are obtained by looting the body of a hanged man south of the Cockatrice Inn. The gauntlets are perhaps the trickiest piece to collect, found only in the northernmost parts of the Hansa base in the ruins of Arthach’s Palace.

Witcher 3’s Viper armor is easily missable

Wear Viper armor for an Assassin build in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Viper school armor is installed in Witcher 3 is available in multiple parts in the base game and hearts of stone expansion. In the main game, a silver and steel sword previously owned by Kolgrim can be obtained as part of the Viper School gear. However, the hearts of stone The expansion introduces a full armor set that has a sleek and sleek black look. While this set is very similar to the armor Geralt has at the start of the game, the Viper School armor set offers much better stats as well as a great snakeskin pattern.

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Since there is no side quest associated with the Viper School armor, this set is entirely missable. Players must purchase the Viper School armor blueprints from Countess Mignole in the Auction House in the “Open Sesame!“expansion quest. The expansion also introduces poisonous swords as part of the Viper School’s gear; poisonous steel can be obtained via a diagram found in Borsodi’s vault during “Open Sesame!“, while the venomous steel sword is found in the world of Gaunter O’Dimm.

The Witcher 3 legendary Manticore armor changes its appearance

Geralt's coolest and rarest Witcher 3 armor: the legendary Manticore school armor set.

The Manticore School armor is the only set that changes appearance between normal game and New Game+ from Witcher 3. The New Game + Legendary version adds chain mail which certainly gives Geralt a cool and rugged look. This average set was introduced in Blood & Wine, only available when tracking the Grand Master Armorer’s Treasure Hunt quest. Besides Geralt’s awesome look, this Legendary Manticore armor set offers players some awesome stats that would be missed outside of New Game+, so it’s possible players haven’t found this cool set yet.

While not an armor set, one last rare piece of clothing that players may not have stumbled upon yet is the Concealment Kit. Within the hearts of stone expansion, players can create the Concealment Kit blueprint while having obtained the Professor’s Glasses and Donkey Ears to create a single mask piece. Said to grant Geralt the effect of blending into the crowd, this hilarious piece can only be obtained by The Witcher 3 as a singular item after fulfilling the first two wishes of the main quest”Whoever a man sows…“.

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