The RAM TRX Gold concept is the perfect high-performance hauler for SEMA 2022


The 2022 SEMA Auto Show is in full swing, and with it comes a huge lineup of vehicles all on show for us. The show often brings out the best in the designers’ creative spirit, as truly wonderful and sometimes weird cars and vehicles take to the stage. Off-road vehicles are always a strong presence at SEMA and this year is no exception. Stellantide is complete thanks to their partners at Mopar who brought three very cool vehicles to the show.

Mopar introduced the Jeep CJ Surge concept based on the Wrangler and two RAM TRX 1500 concepts. One was the Backcountry X concept and the other was the Gold Shot concept. The Gold Shot concept is probably the culmination of the two, as RAM says it’s the ultimate custom high-performance toy hauler for motocross enthusiasts. As you’d expect from any SEMA machine, it’s pretty wild inside and out, and it takes the RAM TRX 1500 to new heights we didn’t know were possible.

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A RAM TRX 1500 with an even wilder exterior

RAM 1500 TRX Gold Shot Concept Side View
by Stellantis

Exterior upgrades are a big part of any SEMA build and this RAM TRX is certainly no exception. The Gold Shot is of course based on the 702 hp RAM 1500 TRX, as we can clearly see, and it certainly looks like it. It’s in a stunning Satin Bitter Yellow/Satin Black paint scheme, and we can see huge TRX side graphics on the pickup. Stellantis said it brings the proven high-speed capability and durability to get to your off-road trails in record time.

The exterior changes don’t stop at the paint either. We can see custom Vintage Bronze 18 by 9.5-inch Black Rhino Chamber wheels. These sit on 37-inch BFGoodrich tires for a performance-inspired appearance in all four corners of the pickup. Mopar has certainly achieved this. As a motocross-inspired build, you’ll want easy access to your bikes. So to achieve this, the Gold Shot features a Mopar bed step at the rear that will lower for easy access, then with a slight push, it retracts into a stowed position, perfectly out of the way. This is one of the many small features of the Gold Shot.

Abundant accessories make the Gold Shot fully equipped

RAM 1500 TRX Gold Shot Concept rear view
by Stellantis

As with so many other SEMA releases, the Gold Shot TRX includes plenty of accessories. One of the standout accessories for the pickup has to be the RamBar accessory bar, which features a pair of TYRI 14-inch rectangular LED lights. Stellantis says these will provide 4,300 lumens of super bright light. So if you’re running in the dark or parking for a bit, you’ll have plenty of light to help you out. At the front and rear of the truck, custom metal skid plates help protect the underside.

The laser-engraved Mopar lettering is also clearly visible on the skid plates. Stellantis says using the front skid plate helps increase the Gold Shot’s approach angle by 2.5 degrees, up to 32.5 degrees in total. Mopar rock rails are also on the side sills to help protect them from damage. The RAM TRX 1500 is of course also quite a sporty truck. So to make sure we remember those credentials correctly, we can see that the truck has a pair of black 5-inch Mopar exhaust tips on the back.

Mopar didn’t overlook the Gold Shot interior

RAM 1500 TRX Gold Shot Interior Concept
by Stellantis

While the exterior demands a lot of attention, Mopar has ensured that the interior remains as premium as ever. They say the interior comes straight from the production RAM 1500 TRX model with its center console, instrument cluster, flat-bottomed steering wheel and paddle shifters. The center console-mounted floor shifter is also a feature, and Alaska Gold stitching and accents are seen throughout the cabin to remind us that this is no ordinary TRX 1500. There’s so much more inside than just fancy stitching.

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Sports seats complete the Gold Shot concept

RAM 1500 TRX Gold Shot Collage Details
by Stellantis

What Mopar calls aggressive sport seats sit inside the truck and are nicely wrapped in premium Capri leather and perforated Alcantara suede interior bolsters. To top it all off, the Gold Spinneybeck leather hunting stripes provide a contrast color to match the exterior with the black of the front and rear seats. Mopar has really pulled out all the stops this year to make sure its SEMA models are the best of the best, and they certainly did with the Gold Shot concept. You’ll find it on display at the SEMA event, which runs until November 4, along with the other Mopar concepts.

Source: Stellantis


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