The Toyota Tundra TRD Desert Chase SEMA Concept is an off-road racing car


SEMA 2021 was recently held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and it’s one of the biggest auto shows on the planet. It’s the perfect showcase for automakers and all kinds of auto companies to showcase their products, and some of the crazy builds they’ve worked on. We’ve seen people like Ford reveal some of the crazy Broncos that were featured during the event before, but they weren’t the only company involved in the show.

Toyota had a big involvement with SEMA, with one of their creations being the utterly ridiculous Tacozila RV concept, and it certainly made the headlines. But something else Toyota brought to the show was the Tundra TRD Desert Chase SEMA Concept, as well as its Lifted SEMA Concept. It is an incredibly aggressive tundra overhaul, the truck’s first redesign in over a decade, and it was one of the Japanese company’s biggest highlights of the entire show. He’s an off-road monster and desert racer who deserves as much attention as possible.

Getting started with a TRD Pro

Top down view of the front quarter Toyota Desert Chase Tundra SEMA 2021

via Toyota

The tundra of the desert pursuit started life as a TRD Pro Tundra, and the truck is powered by Toyota’s 3.5-liter i-Force Max turbocharged V6 hybrid engine. This powertrain develops 437 horsepower and 582 lb-ft of torque. Since it was created to deal with desert terrain and some of the toughest roads on the planet, there were a lot of suspension changes made to the truck. The Desert Chase is equipped with a long-travel TRD suspension, while also using Fox internally bypass shocks. Toyota also added custom bumpers to the truck, to give more room for a sturdier skid plate and to give the truck a better approach angle.

Front view of the 2021 Toyota Desert Chase Tundra SEMA

via Toyota

The Desert Chase Tundra was designed as a support vehicle for desert racers, as well as a racing machine itself, and we can certainly tell thanks to its very aggressive nature. This is a major overhaul of the regular tundra, with all kinds of external changes. Rigid lights are present at the bottom of the front fairing to illuminate the roads in the dark, and others can also be seen above the rear of the cabin to aid in night racing again. It makes him look quite like the Desert Runner.

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Other changes to the tundra

Side view of the 2021 Toyota Desert Chase Tundra SEMA

via Toyota

While many modifications on the truck were limited to the mechanical side, the exterior also received other changes. The truck is now equipped with a wide body kit, with beefier fenders and a bulkier appearance overall. The widebody kit for the Desert Chase Tundra was designed and manufactured in TRD’s composite workshop in North Carolina, and it certainly looks like the part. The truck sits on custom, lightweight 18-inch forged aluminum wheels that are wrapped in 37-inch General Tire Grabber x3 all-terrain tires, which provide good off-road grip.

Toyota Desert Chase Tundra SEMA 2021 Rear view

via Toyota

Custom wheels and tires have been added to help reduce the weight of the truck’s unsprung suspension. The Tundra also features side-facing rigid lights, and the truck’s light bar can be raised further while being lowered below the roofline to reduce wind noise and aerodynamic performance. All of this combine to make for a high performing truck that should be the perfect back-up vehicle for any desert racer. But no desert support vehicle is going to do its job without a few modifications in bed, and Toyota has made sure it is a very capable machine.

Essentials In The Bed Competition

Rear quarter view of 2021 Toyota Desert Chase Tundra SEMA

via Toyota

In the body of the truck, there are plenty of racing essentials. A custom roll bar is one of the key features, as is the custom mounted all terrain jack. A CO2 cylinder, fuel and water cans, two roll bar mounted spare tires and an RB Tred Pro recovery board help complete the set of essentials that can be carried in the Desert Chaser Tundra . The Tundra is finished in an absolutely gorgeous glossy white paint livery, and this was applied by partner Toyota Complete Customs in McKinney, TX.

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A powerful all-terrain machine

Front quarter view of the 2021 Toyota Desert Chase Tundra SEMA

via Toyota

SEMA is designed to showcase the best of the best in automotive design, and this year’s show was no exception. Toyota really pulled it out of the bag this year with their own designs, and they were a highlight throughout the show. The Desert Chase Tundra seems like the perfect vehicle to help save desert monsters in races such as the Baja 1000. Plus, it offered a refreshing overhaul of a truck that was starting to feel a bit stale, and that stunning new look brings the truck into the 2020s.

Source: Toyota

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