These 4 retro-futuristic electric vehicles are already timeless


Electric vehicles often cost more than comparable internal combustion vehicles. But with the occasional battery replacement, EVs can last hundreds of thousands of miles longer and stay on the road for decades. It’s actually a liability for an electric car or electric truck to channel the latest trends in automotive design, as it will look dated long before it wears out. Here are four retro-futuristic electric vehicles that already seem timeless.

Jeep reconnaissance

Jeep Recon concept | Stellantide

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At its 2022 4xe day, Jeep unveiled its next line of electric vehicles. One of the most eye-catching upcoming Jeep SUVs is the Recon. Stellantis Design Director Ralph Gilles revealed that the Recon “was absolutely inspired by the Wrangler”. The family resemblance between the two squared 4x4s is obvious. Like the Wrangler, the Recon includes skid plates, tow hooks, removable doors, removable windows and a power retractable roof. But unlike the Wrangler, you can enjoy cruising the track in this open-air SUV in complete silence.

The Wrangler has changed as little as possible since its World War II roots. The heritage of this function on the philosophy of the form makes the Recon very retro-futuristic. Learn more about the relationship between the Jeep Wrangler and Recon.

Alpha Motor Company WOLF

Light blue mini truck concept vehicle by electric vehicle startup Alpha Motor Company.
Alpha WOLF | Alpha Motor Company

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Alpha Motor Corporation is an electric vehicle startup specializing in retro-futuristic vehicles. Its prototypes include the Ace subcompact coupe, Jax 4×4 crossover coupe, Saga sedan and Wolf pickup truck. Alpha is also focused on making as many parts of its vehicles replaceable and upgradable so they can stay on the road longer.

The Wolf is a real compact truck. Its low hood and sloping grille are reminiscent of the first-generation Toyota Hilux and its contemporaries. Alpha unveiled RWD and 4WD prototypes along with 2-door and 4-door variants. Learn more about the Alpha Motor WOLF.

Bollinger B1

Blocky black SUV prototype designed by electric vehicle startup Bollinger.
Bollinger B1 prototype | Bollinger Engines

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Robert Bollinger founded Bollinger Motors in 2014. The company initially focused on heavy 4x4s with a timeless, almost industrial design. The Bollinger B1 SUV and B2 four-door pickup reminiscent of a first-generation Land Rover Defender. The retro-futuristic styling of the Bollinger prototypes has been a winner in the competitive electric vehicle space and the company has racked up 50,000 pre-orders.

But Bollinger’s story since then has been a bit more complex. As the company struggled to complete engineering and begin manufacturing, Robert Bollinger announced a pivot to fleet vehicles on the same chassis and returned pre-orders. In September 2022, a startup named Mullen Automotive acquired a majority stake in Bollinger. Mullen is a pioneer in solid-state battery technology. Hopefully the newly formed company will bring back the popular B1 and B2.

Mercedes Maybach 6

Futuristic Mercedes-Maybach concept coupe in red, a barely visible mountain range in the background.
Mercedes Maybach 6 | Mercedes Benz

If anyone doubted Mercedes-Benz would go electric in style, a 2016 concept car proved otherwise. The Mercedes-Maybach “6” made its debut at the Pebble Beach Councours d’Elegance. It is an extravagant 2+2 coupe in art deco style with gullwing doors. The Maybach 6 is reported to make 783 horsepower and have a 4 second 0-60 MPH time. Mercedes-Benz also unveiled a roadster version.

American companies look back to the 1970s with prototypes such as the eMuscle Dodge Charger. But they have to add complicated systems like the eRupt “manual” transmission or the Fratzonic performance audio system to stay true to the personality of a muscle car. The effortless power of an electric drivetrain perfectly matches the personality of the art deco grand tourers of the 1920s and 1930s. It’s this brilliant combination that makes the Mercedes-Maybach 6 a retro-futuristic masterpiece.

Then check out other modern and timeless art deco cars.

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