This Mahindra Thar comes with modifications worth Rs 12 lakh


Since its launch, Mahindra Thar has been a popular SUV among enthusiasts. There are several aftermarket accessories available for Mahindra Thar in the market and we have seen many of them modify it as well. While most of them make modifications to improve off-road capabilities. There are a few who like to give the SUV a custom look and make it look more premium than it actually is. Here we have one of those videos where a Mahindra Thar has been extremely customized upside down.

The video was uploaded by Rajni Chaudhary on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about all the modifications to the car. Starting at the front, the car gets a grille similar to that of a Wrangler. The original headlights have also been replaced. It now comes with aftermarket projectors imported from Thailand. The headlight comes with LED daytime running lights. The bumper was retained but the original fog lights were replaced with LED units.

A red-colored metal skid plate was also installed on this SUV. As for the side profile, the car gets aftermarket alloy wheels. Two-tone alloy wheels give the SUV a different look. The other notable change here on the side profile is to the running boards. The stock running board has been replaced with an aftermarket retractable unit. The black cladding on the fender and side of the car was finished in gloss black.

What makes this Mahindra Thar different from others on the market are its interiors. The owner has spent a lot to convert the cabin to something upscale. The door panels and dashboards are now covered in leather. The Mahindra Thar’s original AC vents have been replaced with Mercedes-Benz type units with built-in ambient lights.

The seats now get custom two-tone red and black seat covers and there are also features such as the armrest. Rear passengers also benefit from armrests and cup holders. The speaker system of this Mahindra Thar has also been improved. The headliners have also been wrapped in leather for better insulation. There is a Limited badge on the dashboard. Another attraction of this Mahindra Thar is the touchscreen infotainment system. This Thar has been installed with a 360 degree camera setup and the feed is displayed inside the touchscreen equipped by the company itself.

The cameras are placed on the exterior mirrors, front and rear to have a clear view of the surroundings. The door handles, center console and plastic door trims are finished in carbon fiber. The rear receives the original bumper and the aftermarket alloy wheel is fitted to the tailgate. The work done on this Mahindra Thar looks very neat and although the tires and wheels fitted to this SUV do not look too tall, we highly doubt that the owner of this SUV now takes it for off-roading.

The overall cost of modification done on this Mahindra Thar is around 12 lakh. Mahindra Thar is available with both gasoline and diesel engine options. Both engine options come with manual and automatic transmission options and the SUV comes with 4×4 as standard.


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