Toyota Tundra 2022: 5 facts you need to know


As the flagship truck in their lineup, the Toyota Tundra was long overdue for a review, so for 2022 Toyota is making a statement in the truck world with the introduction of the most advanced new Tundra yet.

With two new powertrains, both more powerful than their predecessor, improved payload and towing capacity, an advanced infotainment system and many new features, the new Toyota Tundra is expected to be extremely competitive in the full-size truck market. as they start showing up at dealerships next month.

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Powerful engine options

Since the last complete overhaul of the Toyota Tundra (2007), there have been great advancements in powertrain design in the full-size truck market. To ensure the new 2022 Tundra is as powerful, if not more powerful than the competition, a new 3.5L 24-valve twin-turbo V6 replaces the proven V8 from the previous generation. The standard i-FORCE engine package produces 389 hp at 5,200 rpm and 479 lb-ft at 2,400 rpm with an octane rating of 87 using direct fuel injection, cooler water-cooled intermediate and two VVTi systems.

While the I-FORCE engine numbers are impressive, Toyota has even more to offer with the i-FORCE MAX hybrid engine option. Yes, you read that right…. We said hybrid. The i-FORCE MAX is still the same base platform as the i-FORCE engine, but the additional horsepower boost comes from the motor-generator with a clutch mated between the engine crankcase and the 10-speed automatic transmission. . This setup provides an increase in power in any situation an owner can put it through. When towing, the hybrid system provides extra power and torque, while in low-speed EV mode, you get a quiet ride and improved efficiency for your city driving.

Redesigned chassis and suspension

Toyota Tundra 2022To improve the ride quality and handling of the new Toyota Tundra for 2022, the old leaf spring suspension has been replaced with a new multi-link coil spring suspension. This change increases towing capacity to 12,000 lbs, which is a 17.6% increase over the previous generation Tundra. This change also increases payload capacity to 1,940 lbs, which is also an improvement over older Tundra models. While not so drastic, the front of the Tundra also received a few tweaks to improve performance and handling to match the new rear suspension design.

For people looking for the ultimate factory off-road performance from their Tundra, Toyota offers the TRD Pro model equipped with 2.5-inch FOX internal shocks that feature stacked reservoirs filled with new shock fluid infused with Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE ) for better comfort on the road. This suspension setup allows for a little more than an inch of lift in the front of the truck and also includes a new TRD Pro front stabilizer bar, custom red painted suspension parts, TRD aluminum skid plate, guard underbody and Falken all-terrain tires.

State-of-the-art multimedia center

Toyota Tundra 2022With so much time many of us spend in our vehicles commuting or traveling on the road, and the engineers took that into account when designing the all new multimedia audio system. Available in an optional standard 8 “or 14” touchscreen, this system features an all-new human-machine interface (HMI) that provides visual, tactile and voice activation interaction. This system can handle everything from finding points of interest to adjusting your audio levels and more, keeping you focused on the road ahead.

Pair this system with Toyota Connected Services, which provide 24/7 emergency response, personalized maintenance updates, vehicle tracking services and vehicle condition reports, and you will get all the information you need about your vehicle. The system also offers the option for your Tundra to be a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices and allows you to link Apple or Amazon music subscriptions, so you can hear your favorite tunes on the go. .

Tow with confidence and ease

Toyota Tundra 2022While we’ve briefly touched on the towing capability of the new Toyota Tundra, there’s a lot more to get excited about if you regularly have a trailer behind your truck. For 2022, the new Tundra offers two new towing / transport modes. The standard is good for light to moderate loads like small trailers or boats by increasing the throttle response. If you regularly tow larger loads like RVs then you’ll want to use the tow / haul + mode for even more aggressive throttle response. If you own the i-FORCE MAX, tow mode keeps the electric motor in constant use and disables the stop and start functions to maximize performance.

If you opt for the 14 “monitor package, you will be able to take advantage of the various new cameras strategically placed on the Tundra to give you multiple visual perspectives around the truck, such as front, rear, side and panoramic views to the rear of the truck. While the cameras are great, there is nothing quite like the old-fashioned side mirrors and the Toyota Tundra has a new set of folding and extendable power mirrors that are heated and have turn signals and integrated blind spot monitors There is also an optional new suspension system that levels the load at rear height to achieve the perfect balance for the truck and trailer.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 as standard

Toyota Tundra 2022Toyota wants to make sure that all of its new 2022 Tundra owners are as safe as possible on the road, and it shows since the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 (TSS) will be a standard offering on every 2022 model. Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection (PCS with PD) which provides emergency steering and braking when detecting vehicles or pedestrians via various sensors and cameras. Lane Keeping Assist helps the driver keep the Tundra in its lane with a gentle automatic steering force when it senses the vehicle is moving out of the lane without the use of turn signals.

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