Volkswagen ID. XTREME Off-Road Concept


Over the past decade, interest in off-roading and landing gear has increased massively. In response to this surge in popularity, automakers have rolled out off-road capable turnkey models as well as rugged concept cars to demonstrate their respective vehicles’ potential as a go-anywhere platform. And the latest brand to do so is Volkswagen, which has just unveiled a unique rally-inspired concept car based on the brand’s new ID.4 electric SUV.

Called the ID. XTREME, this concept off-roader is based on VW’s high-performance GTX specification ID.4 model, although the donor vehicle has been heavily modified for off-road use. The VW team treated the all-electric all-wheel-drive vehicle with a set of 18-inch OZ Racing off-road wheels shod in off-road rubber, a raised suspension package, 2-inch wider 3D-printed fenders , a Crash Member modification paired with a custom front bumper, full-length aluminum skid plate and unique roof rack with integrated LED lighting.

In addition, the use of a high-performance drive on the rear axle coupled with various software adjustments also allowed the VW team to increase the power of the ID.4 GTX by 65 kW (87 hp) at 285 kW (382 hp). The interior of the car has also been changed and now features Alcantara upholstery and redesigned seats. Further distinguishing the unique concept of the standard ID.4 GTX, a bespoke white, orange and gray livery.

While we don’t expect Volkswagen to ever put this concept into production, we wouldn’t be too surprised if the company starts rolling out some of the ID’s features and upgrades. EXTREME in optional additions.

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Photo: Volkswagen
Photo: Volkswagen
Photo: Volkswagen

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