Watch Kia Seltos Modified as an Extreme Baja Concept Truck Bashing Desert Trails


It features a completely new chassis and suspension system that makes it suitable for use on a desert trail

The Kia Seltos is a good-looking compact SUV that can tackle the occasional unpaved rural road, but it’s not really built for the dunes. That is, until you see the latest iteration of a Seltos concept from Vishnu Suresh (Zephyr Designz on Instagram). He has transformed the humble Kia SUV into a van so extreme that it is exclusively for off-road use! Watch him zip through the desert in the video below:

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You can see the Kia Seltos cues in the front fascia of the Baja Trophy truck. Beneath the grille, the Seltos’ bumper has been replaced with a bull bar and a functional metal skid plate that protects major suspension components.

Speaking of suspension, the SUV-turned-van has long-travel struts and a new double-wishbone setup designed to handle rough terrain. Likewise at the rear, you can spot the massive trailing arms under the bodywork.

This setup is quite different from the stock Seltos suspension you get from the Kia factory. That’s because the Baja Trophy Truck isn’t a Seltos – it’s a pickup truck body that sits on a custom metal frame. The face, suspension, seats, roll cage and spare tires of the Seltos are all mounted on this frame.

In the back, the truck has no usable bed or tailgate. The rear lights are simple red-colored LED strips that are not road-legal.

Offroad racing trucks are extreme rally vehicles with their powerful engines, huge tires and long travel suspension. We don’t know which engine is under the hood of the pickup, but it’s probably more powerful than the most powerful Seltos engine on offer – the 1.4-litre 140hp turbo-petrol engine.

Kia has updated the Seltos for 2022 with better standard safety features, new colors, variants and a host of other revisions. The automaker is also expected to introduce the facelifted Seltos in India later in 2022.

So how did you like this Kia Seltos? If you can identify the stock pickup this concept is built on, let us know in the comments.

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