Need a little vanity? Here are the latest custom plaques approved by Texas DMV


The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles approved four new custom plate designs in 2021. There is a catch, however.

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Each plate will only be made if at least 200 people place pre-orders. Otherwise, Texas will reimburse you. also has dozens more to choose from, including a new plate celebrating the monarch butterfly benefiting the conservation efforts of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

These plates (and plate numbers) are now all available:

Baylor Bear

Baylor Bears Plate on

While “BEARS” and “SIC EM” were already taken, this combination is still available to fans.

Texas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Texas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers at

Texas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers at

Do not be confrontational in traffic, but you cannot pass up this chance.

State of pennsylvania

Penn State University at

Penn State University at

Any fan of the Nittany Lions living in Texas would be proud.

Texas diver

Texas Diver on

Texas Diver on

With a six character limit, you need to get a little creative.

What’s your favorite combo? Let me know on Twitter: @jayrjordan


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