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Letter to the Editor – June 16, 2022

“I would like to share my experiences as a motorist and cyclist on our big island.

“I’ve been riding all over the UK for over 32 years, a resident of the island for 17, and my wife and I have been cyclists (mostly off-road) for over 3 years.

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“First of all, after talking to many friends and co-workers, everyone I talk to agrees that anti-social conduct has unfortunately increased over the past few years. I don’t know why this antisocial behavior is increasing on our roads.

“Secondly, my wife and I commute to work over 20 miles a day, fortunately mostly off-road, but even in the few miles we have to travel on the roads, we unfortunately regularly experience life-threatening incidents from motorist disregard. total compliance with the law, the highway code, and general common sense!Sometimes, it is clear that some motorists see cyclists as real targets!Incredible!

“We love cycling to work, and I love driving too. We’re grateful that we don’t have to share most of our journeys with drivers who see cyclists as a target.

“I’m not a cyclist who thinks I have the right of way at every opportunity… but as a qualified driver and cyclist I know and respect the rules of the road.

“Given the very sad loss of life of cyclists on the island’s roads, please motorists calm down and think, the seconds ‘saved’ on your trip to this relatively small island are worth- Worth it to risk killing a cyclist, the lifelong impact of all their families and the potential imprisonment?”

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G. Mostyn

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